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"SKIING IS A SLIDING SPORT"--a skiing web manual: contents (topics at page bottoms of manual)

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"SKIING IS A SLIDING SPORT": a skiing web manual
 Tactics for Terrains and Snow Textures and Racing--

by Bill Jones, Ski Instructor
Certified Professional Ski Instructor (Registration #110478), Level III
How To Reserve Private Ski Lessons with Bill Jones

"What is advanced skiing?" the student asked the instructor.  "Linking your recoveries," was the answer.


Variables we manage in skiing include our equipment, our bodies, skiing mechanics or technique, weather factors, slope gradients, snow textures, pathways, our attitudes, and our buddies. It has been observed that, somewhat like snowflakes, no two ski days are alike. And so we manage these variables by applying appropriate tactics--choosing best from the variables we control. A tactic, for instance, would be to take a less steep portion of a ski run and one without trees if our technique could not assure we could make the turns and speed management required.. Another one would be to go into the bar should the weather turn grossly sour. But some skiers find their greatest enjoyment while successfully managing the situations they find in nature, reveling in the variety, rather than skiing more predictable terrain with repetitive movements. Aggressive tactics might include applying appropriate technique to situations such as racing, powder, bumps, icy, steep, shallow-angle, or groomed snow.

If we have an adequate skill pool, we can implement a forward or centered stance, wide-apart legs or pressed- together legs, rapid or paced or variable body movements, steeply- or shallowly-banked or angulated body, angulation choices at shoulder/hip/knee/ankle, tall or low stance, flexion/extension factors, countered- or squared-stance, rotation or counter-rotation or split rotation, outside-ski or inside-ski or even pressure, one-ski or two-ski pressure, upper-body/lower-body separation or full-body, torso- or leg- or full-body rotation, and more.. These choices will give us various results such as carved or skidded turns, fast or slow speeds, long- or short-radius turns, consistently- or variably-arced turns. And if we choose well enough the effect will be making ski runs that are satisfying and enjoyable, falls that are avoided, and races that are won.

The wise skier said, "In skiing, there are things (positions, movements, pressures) that we create and things that we allow; we should not create those things which we could and should allow."

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Skiing Cold Snow-Warm Snow/New Snow-Old Snow
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