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"SKIING IS A SLIDING SPORT"--a skiing web manual: contents (topics at page bottoms of manual)

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"SKIING IS A SLIDING SPORT": a skiing web manual
 Videos and apps for Advancing and Advanced Skiers

by Bill Jones, Ski Instructor
Certified Professional Ski Instructor (Registration #110478), Level III
How To Reserve Private Ski Lessons with Bill Jones

Click on the site below for YouTube videos from the Professional Ski Instructors of America. The link will exit SkiMyBest.com. Return here with browser back area or re-activate www.SkiMyBest.com: exits.

For skiing apps to play on smartphones, search on words like ski, skiing, ski school, ski lessons. For instance, in You Tube, type in Elate Media for apps for same. Or do the same on your computer. Be advised that some non-PSIA sites will suggest ways to ski that differ from the sequenced progressions developed by the Professional Ski Instructors of America and used by member schools. These alternate ways to perform maneuvers will accomplish some purposes but are less likely to provide a consistent path forward in skill development. A big difference is often in how non-PSIA sites promote using pressure and edging rather than rotary skills.

Videos for advanced and advancing skiers:

TheSnowPros YouTube Channel: exits

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