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"SKIING IS A SLIDING SPORT"--a skiing web manual: contents (topics at page bottoms of manual)

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--a skiing web manual

by Bill Jones, Ski Instructor
Certified Professional Ski Instructor (Registration #110478), Level III
How To Reserve Private Ski Lessons with Bill Jones

"With their kinesthetic beauty and fluidity, well-executed turns can be as pleasing to watch as they are to perform.
 In fact, when power and grace are combined, skiing is an art form."

  --Jean Louis Poirot in The Professional Skier, Spring 2004, p. 30

 Skiing Web Manual Contents

The first-time skier appeared nervous and asked that the instructor ski beside her and hold her arm as she moved at snails-pace down the gently inclined snow surface. At the end of the short descent, however, she turned to her instructor and said, "You know, it's the sliding part I don't like." Thus came the title for this skiiingmanual.

Why read this skiing web manual
That First Skiing Lesson
A Little Skiing History
Motion in Skiing
Conventional Skiing Wisdoms (CSWs)
Skier Excuses
Fear in Skiing

Conditioning for Skiing.
Equipment and Technique (they go together)

Skiing Equipment--skis, boots, poles, more
How Skis Work (and how balance makes skis work)
How to Develop Balance on Skis
A Skiing Turn Simplified (sort of)--including photo montages of ski turns
The final skiing skill: pressure management
*Tactics for Terrains and Snow Textures--and Racing 
(groomed, hard, powder, cold/warm, new/old, spring, moguls, trees, trails, steeps, gates)--links below
Skiing Tips and Tales--a potpourri of gems, kernels, ideas, training drills
Exercises for Developing Skiing Skills
Children and Skiing
Age and Skiing
Gender and Skiing
Culture and Skiing
Skiing Ethics and Slope Survival
Slope Safety
Skiing Environment

Videos & Apps for  Advancing and Advanced Skiers


*Tactics for Terrains and Snow Textures--and RacingSkiing Hard Snow/Ice
    Skiing Among Trees
    Skiing Narrow trails
    Skiing Moguls (Bumps)
    Skiing Powder Snow

    Skiing Cold Snow-Warm Snow/New Snow-Old Snow
    Skiing "Spring" Snow
    Skiing Steeps
    Skiing Gates/Racing

Serious skiers (all ski instructors) getting more serious to ski even better--using the hands to simulate ski position; this session is being led by a national demonstration team member at Breckenridge, 2016. Jim, in the orange parka, teaches skiing at Copper Mountain.



From Kahlil Gibran: "The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind."

 e-mail Bill Jones
phone: 970/468-7673
postal mail: 637 Blue Ridge Road, Silverthorne, CO 80498

"SKIING IS A SLIDING SPORT"--a skiing web manual:   SKIING WEB MANUAL CONTENTS   Why Read This Skiing Web Manual   That First Skiing Lesson   A Little Skiing History  Motion in Skiing  Conventional Skiing Wisdoms  Skier Excuses   Fear in Skiing  Conditioning for Skiing  Equipment and Technique  Skiing Equipment   How Skis Work  How to Develop Balance on Skis  A Skiing Turn Simplified  The Final Skiing Skill: pressure management  Tactics for Terrains and Snow Textures and Racing    Skiing Tips and Tales--a potpourri    Exercises for Developing Skiing Skills  Children and Skiing  Age and Skiing  Gender and Skiing  Culture & Skiing  Skiing Ethics and Slope Survival  Slope Safety  Skiing Environment  Videos and Apps  Glossary  Acknowledgements    SkiMyBest Website Contents  

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