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by Bill Jones, Ski Instructor
Certified Professional Ski Instructor (Registration #110478), Level III
private ski lessons at Keystone, Breckenridge, other Vail Resorts

Statements from past ski lesson-takers are presented below, indicating that Bill has had success with these people in helping them learn to ski or ski better or best, but Bill realizes there are many factors in choosing an instructor. You are encouraged to also review "How to Pick a Ski Instructor" to be more sure of getting the lesson you want.

Most ski schools rank their instructors according to the frequency that students take more lessons from the same instructor. Assignments are then based on these rankings, other factors being equal (such as certification and skill level, student request for language or gender or age, etc).

For the winters 2010-2018 at Keystone Ski Area, rankings were posted for Bill Jones as follows ("overall" includes all instructors--adult and child, alpine ski and snowboard, River Run and Mountain House ):

  • 1/5/2011: 44th of 518 overall; 11th in adult alpine of 112; 7th in adult alpine River Run

  • 1/19/2011: 31st of 521 overall; 12th in adult alpine of 110; 8th in adult alpine River Run

  • 2/3/2011: 41st of 490 overall; 10th in adult alpine of 111; 7th in adult alpine River Run

  • 2/16/2011: 16th of 523 overall; 6th in adult alpine of 112; 4th in adult alpine River Run

  • 3/2/2011: 12th of 437 overall; 5th in adult alpine of 112; 4th in adult alpine River Run

  • 3/16/2011: 9th of 531 overall; 4th in adult alpine of 113; 4th in adult alpine River Run

  • 3/30/2011: 11th of 534 overall; 4th in adult alpine of 81; 4th in adult alpine River Run of 46

  • 4/13/2011: 11th of 534 overall; 5th in adult alpine of 120; 5th in adult alpine River Run of 62

  • 3/28/2012: 98th of 458 overall

  • 1/2/2013: 26th of 463 overall; 12th in adult alpine; 10th in adult alpine River Run

  • 1/16/2013: 17th of 462 ovrall;9th in adult alpine;5th in adult alpine River Run of 67

  • 1/30/2013: 21st of 200 overall;4th in adult alpine; 3rd in adult alpine River Run

  • 2/13/2013:29th of 451 overall: 6th in adult alpine;3rd in adult alpine River Run

  • 2/27/2013: 38th of 449 overall; 10th in adult alpine; 7th in adult alpine River Run

  • 3/13/2013: 31st of 454 overall; 8th in adult alpine; 5th in adult alpine River Run

  • 3/27/2013: 19th of 456 overall; 5th in adult alpine of 113, 3rd in adult alpine River Run of 71.

  • 3/13/15: 2nd in adult alpine River Run

  • 1/1/16: 2nd in adult alpine River Run

  • 1/29/16: 1st in adult alpine and 1st overall at River Run; 2nd overall of circa 500 at resort

  • 2/12/16: 1st in adult alpine and 1st overall at River Run; 2nd overall of circa 500 at resort

  • 2/26/16: 3rd in adult alpine at River Run; 8th overall of circa 500 at resort

  • 2/13/17: 4th in adult alpine at resort; 20th overall of circa 500 at resort

    1/11/19: 2nd in adult alpine at resort; 7th overall of circa 500 at resort

A rough average of the above for Bill is 27th of 460 overall; 7th in adult alpine of 110; 5th in adult alpine River Run of 65.

Many factors combine to produce these rankings, some of them based on happenstance. However, it is generally agreed that the top-ranked instructors are there because of consistent performance. Bill has almost always been in the top 10% of the rankings, averaging in the top 7% but sometimes at the top.

Testimonial letters--originals on file:

01/26/2011: We also had a wonderful time skiing and I would like to thank you for your time and great instruction on our lesson day...All the best and I hope to see you again on another trip.--SW, Australia

“I have really enjoyed reading the many articles of ski knowledge from your home page [www.skimybest.com].” –DE, Uniontown, Ohio

 “Your lessons are paying off.”—JB, Chicago, IL

 “Thank you for instructing [my two boys] in Breckenridge. They had a great time and really learned a lot.” –GG, Austin, TX

 “The boys…that you subsequently taught thoroughly enjoyed your lessons and we thank you for making their holiday brilliant in this respect with your knowledge, experience and teaching skills at every  level.”—JO, United Kingdom

 “I heard about you from a colleague of mine…She said you were great!” –BW, Hendersonville, TN

 "It was fun. Bill was very helpful and very nice! We really enjoyed his lesson!

 “I just wanted to thank you for the great lesson…I learned some things that I had never heard of previously (in all the times and places I had taken lessons)…This is definitely something I would like to do more often. Thanks again for your patience and experience!”…“Your website is ‘awesome’!” –MW, Dallas, TX 

“Thanks so much for teaching the kids last week. We were really pleased with your lessons and their ability to learn so quickly. The most important thing is that you taught them with so much kindness, patience and understanding.:--LH, Glen Mills, PA

 “Thank you and all of us were thrilled to ski with you!” –SL, Chicago, IL

 “Your instructions gave me a lot of confidence… I had F-U-N!”–LH, Columbus, IN

 “Thank you for the wonderful lessons at Breck…looking forward to next year,” –SH, Sugarland, TX

 “Thanks for the good instruction on ‘edging’…You made a week of skiing very worthwhile as I am finally learning how to ski.”  --LS, Athens, GA

 “Thank you for your patience in giving me a ski lesson…This ski trip was a lot of fun. Much of that was because of the lesson I took with you.” –DB, Humble, TX 

“Outs//tanding experience. Kids loved Bill. Thought our private lesson helped make our visit outstanding. We will do again next year…an experience of a /lifetime.” –PP, Spring, TX 

3/20/98: “Bill Jones was super at ski lessons.” –SB, Austin, TX

circa 2000: ""Bill was terrific!!!" 

1/25/2005: "I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful lessons...looking forward to next year."

“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your patience and teaching skills. You have taken our skiing experience to a new level. I can not believe the difference it has made.…You can’t imagine the pleasure of skiing down a small black diamond slope with confidence.” –TL, Shelbyville, KY

12/13/2008: "Today I received your annual letter. I appreciated the handwritten note inquiring about my lesson with you in Feb. 2004...I still have the notes I made after that lesson and review them each year before I leave for [skiing]." --DB, Humble, TX

1/24/2010: "As always we are all looking forward to skiing with you... and can/t wait to learn and create more mountain memories." --GW, Le Mars, IA

2/1/2010: "Thanks so much for the lesson...I plan on coming back."--JB, Chicago, IL

2/10/2010: "Thanks again for meeting us in Vail. We spent the next day applying what we learned and practicing at the bunny hill. We really made sure we were confident before moving on. On day three we tackled the mountain for some real skiing. You would be proud!!  I had my slides down and was able to go back and forth with confidence and ease. Tina really improved a ton and showed great control and ability! --FM, San Antonio, TX

2/18/2010: "Been wanting to thank you for the great lessons. You are a great teacher and patient as all get out!...I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to see you again soon." --MW, Dallas, TX

2/24/2010: "Thanks for a great day yesterday and all of the patience you showed all of us...Hopefully, we will come back and can get together with you...I think you went above and beyond."--SG, Colorado Springs, CO

3/20/2010: "I took a lesson with you in early February and had 'the best day of my life!'  It was so fun...I am going to take another...lesson and was hoping you could be the instructor again."--LB

3/22/2010: "Just a quick note to thank you for your patience last week.  Our whole [family] group learned so much from you and we appreciate the personal attention you gave to each of us...I never thought I'd ever enjoy skiing but you changed my mind. I'm looking forward to learning more from you in the upcoming years."--KF, Texas

"[My husband] was so excited to learn so much from you and went on to enjoy several blue runs after his time with you on Monday afternoon.  He eagerly shared the tips you gave him to me on the long drive back to Texas and is excited to return next year for more skiing and more lessons from you."

"After my time with you and your instruction about parallel skiing, I tackled Little Harry and went on to Bonanza, skiing down it several times before wearing myself out.  I never thought I’d ever enjoy skiing but you changed my mind.  I’m looking forward to learning more from you in the upcoming years."

"[My husband] and I both felt that [our 5-year old boy] learned enough basic skills from you to enter him in Ski School on Wednesday.  He had a great time with his group and said that he loves skiing and can’t wait to come back.  Our whole goal of this trip was for him to enjoy the sport and learn the basics.  You helped us accomplish this goal and we couldn’t be more thankful. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year.  --KF, Silsbee, TX "

3/30/2011: "If you remember, you taught me and my wife to ski at keystone in 2003. I’m happy to say that we have enjoyed skiing ever since...It seems like the better you become at skiing the less effort it takes to ski. Well, thanks again for staying in touch and teaching us because it has been a very enjoyable part of our lives." --JR, Littleton, CO

4/20/2011: "This was the first time our kids skied (ages 14 and 16). We signed them up for an adult group lesson, but they were the only two taking the beginning lesson. Mr. Jones was great with the kids. Our family really enjoyed the following day when we could all ski together. The kids felt comfortable on their skis and could go down all the green slopes with confidence. It was a great investment. [Overall experience rated Extremely Satisfied"--family from SC.

10/03/2011: "You ski strong and with really good technique. I've seen you teach, and you're exceptional.  Patient, too." --unsolicited note from fellow instructor.

02/02/12: "Thanks for working with all of us. You really changed my view of skiing from negative to positive and helped me overcome fear...You are extremely kind and supportive  and we are all grateful to have found such a great ski instructor. Will have to see how next year comes together, but you will definitely be our 'go to' guy."--MT, Ocala, FL

02/14/12: I had the pleasure of working with you last spring break at Keystone and would like to do so again this year. --MS, Wilmette, IL

11/27/12: "Your February lessons really helped Davis...He improved a lot." --CL, Miami, FL

11/27/12: "Prior to meeting you I had never been skiing and now I'm planning my second trip." --MH, St. Louis, MO

12/03/12: "You have come highly recommended from a friend, Pam Knight, whose family took lessons last year with you." --JC, Grand Prairie, TX

01/03/14: "my colleague...recommended you as an excellent ski instructor." --TS

01/13/14: "you are one of the reasons we decided to come to Keystone instead of skiing elsewhere."--MS, Chicago, IL

01/14/14: "...a big part of our decision to ski at Keystone was down to being able to catch up with you." --RS, Chicago, IL

Photo MS and RS in France.

03/01/14: "[Bill]...is a delightful friend and an exceptional teacher. He has been our skiing authority for many years now. The first time I skied with ...Bill was shortly after I had had a skiing accident (broken leg...). I was so ready to stop skiing forever. [Because my children became ill] I decided to take [their] lesson with the intention of only skiing one run...Bill was fantastic, after just two runs...,he was able to help me feel relaxed and in control, something I had never felt while skiing before. [He] has become an everlasting part of my family's skiing experience...We are looking forward to the next time we see Mr. Bill Jones."--SM, Poolville, TX

01/04/15: "You are an amazing teacher to work with Bill! I accidentally got on a black and handled it just fine remembering & doing the skills drills you taught us (in a Level 4 lesson)."--HP

01/05/15: "One week ago today, we had you as our ski instructor... A belated thank you, you are both patient and knowledgeable.  My only regret is that we didn’t ski together more-often.  You are a wonderful instructor, a natural teacher and your joy of skiing is evident."  --BN

01/23/16: I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me in building and developing my skiing abilities. Today was another great day and I know what I need to mentally prepare for when we meet again. Believe me I will be doing my homework and our next session will be even better than today's. Your a great instructor and mentor and I appreciate everything you have done so far. I look forward to continuing our training sessions and for you grooming me into an exceptional skier.  --VS, New Jersey

1/31/16: Thanks for the feedback on my ski level and for your instruction during our lesson day.  It resulted in the best skiing of my life, both at Keystone and Snowmass.  I continued to work on my turns and being more up and forward.  I could feel the difference and my stamina improved throughout the week by using my thighs less and less.  I can’t say enough about your instructions and the help they gave me.  I’m most probably done for the season, one can always look for opportunities and hold out hope for more, but I hope to carry to next season what I learned this season.  I skied 8 days, all that I could, with two days being more like half-days.  It’s my wish that Brent & I will again go to Keystone next year and I plan to contact you for ski instructions.  --KH, Norcross, GA

1/3/17: I just wanted to let you know how much L.. enjoyed his lesson with you yesterday. He really learned a lot from you and feels he is a much better skier after  practicing the new techniques you taught him--J F., Overland Park, Kansas. 

2/17/17: I just wanted to say thank you for the great lesson. I went back out the next day...I practiced everything you taught me at the top for a while...I actually ended up making 2 runs down the green [Schoolmarm].  You were right it's a challenging green but I made it.  I did see other instructors taking students down with less skill than me but they were wedging all the way and for the most part I was parallel. You were right to make me practice form at the top. It made a huge difference. I was totally exhausted after those 2 runs but so proud I did it and couldn't have without your mentoring. Thank you so much! --BC, Huntingdon Valley, PA

2/2017:"This was our first experience skiing. We took 3 days of ski school and skied a 4th day on our own...All the instructors that we had were superb and catered to our specific needs. Bill and Jim were amazing instructors and I can't wait to take another class with them again. Bill Jones and Jim Keens. In my previous statement, I explained how pleased we are with both of these knowledgeable instructors! They helped get us from zero experience to level 6 skiers in 3 days! They were very supportive and gave us constructive criticism and helpful advice throughout the 3 days. We would not of been able to ski as well as we do without them! Hope to get them the next time! At this point, I only want to ski at Keystone! This was a trip of a lifetime!"--TD

2/27/18: "I am writing to thank you for the best day I've ever had at Keystone. When I left for the trip I told [woman's name] that if I did not enjoy myself I would not return...You restored my confidence and my passion to continue improving; you saved skiing as a hobby of mine...You really made a difference...I had a great time." --EC

4/3/18: "I just wanted to say thanks agakin for the ski instruction you provided me during our Keystone, CO vacation. I feel like I definietely improvded my skiing during the trip and have a much better understanding of the tenchniques required to become a successful skier, which give me more confidence and interest in coming back out to do it again."--BB

12/24/18: "I didn't get a chance to thank you for teaching me, I definitely feel like I've improved a lot, and I feel more confident than I did before!"--RK 

1/1/2019: "Thank you Bill for a great class today."--KC, Huntsville, AL

1/14/19: "Took a ski lesson and felt like I really learned something. Bill Jones was my instructor for ski school...He was awesome."--RO

4/4/19: "Thanks for making today fun and memorable. [Photo] We all look like we are having a great time."

5/24/19: "I wanted to write you a letter to tell you how much I appreciated the lessons. The drills you taught me gave me an oppotunity to practice and gain confidence in my abilities. I left this season with great excitement for the next. Thank you for your patiende and for sharihng your knowledge with me."--SB,

12/24/19: "Keystone Full Day Group Lesson, Level 5/6. Instructor Bill Jones (he was great!)"--WR

2/2020: "Thanks for a exceptional day of skiing and instruction."--ES

3/2020: In the interest of disclosure I post this from an internet site that shows I have not been able to please everyone:
"I had the worst experience possible with Bill Jones. He treated me awful the whole time and made me feel so dumb. He also is extremely hard to hear so I had to guess at what he was saying and what I was supposed to be doing the whole time. Then he would get mad at me for “not listening”. I cried multiple times and was so disappointed by my first ski experience. Anything I learned I did it from watching others and teaching myself. Absolutely horrible. The other instructors looked great...I wish I could have been in their group instead. Everyone in my group of 6 was disappointed in Bill. Do NOT take a lesson with him. You’ll pay money to teach yourself and get talked down to by him. I would still recommend the Keystone ski school as the other instructors seemed a lot better, but do not get a lesson from Bill Jones." --JS.
For this result I hope this person lodged a complaint so her concerns could be considered and that she recieved satisfaction. She assumes that because she had a bad experience that others will, too, if they are with me. I submit that the record shows otherwise and if it did not IK shjoujld not be employed by Keystone or the 6 other resort where I have taught. Is there a factor or are there factors in this case that might have been better managed? What could I have done and what could the student have done to help me help her to have a good experience? Learning to ski is a partnership between coach and learner and we obviously did not develop one. Could the root of the problem have been the hearng issue she mentions? That could have led to her looking at other classes for clues as to what to do. Was I made aware of her needs?  Even if not, I should have noticed things were not working. She is correct that my voice does not carry well in spite of my efforts to project. The ski helmets we now wear in cases add to this issue and some impede hearing substantially; perhaps she had one like that. I have found some students tend to assemble at the fringes of a group even though encouraged to come in closer. Perhaps that was the case here. Going forward, the hearing issuie is likely to become of greater importance in the COVID-19 area as persons in a lesson will be asked to be at least 6 feet apart while the insructior is speaking through a mask and I am considering how to meet this added challenge. If you ski with me and hearing is difficult (or anything else), let us work together for success. This person's review, whether I have guessed correctly at its main issue, will encourage me to be more aware of whether I am being heard and have checked that there has been understanding.

3/19/20: "As we get ready to leave Keystone tomorrow, I wanted to let you know how ... we all thought that you were a great ski instructor.  We all really learned a lot and enjoyed working with you.  Thanks again for making our first trip to Keystone a special one."--TV 

2/2/22: "THANK YOU for helping me gain confidence on the slopes. I've been avoiding going skiing with friends, because I haven't felt 'grounded' since I was young, but now I have a few more tools in my toolkit to help me feel more comfortable out there--I can't even tell you how much bertter I feel You rock. " --LF


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Bill Jones, Ski Instructor, 637 Blue Ridge Road, Silverthorne, CO 80498.
Phone: 970/468-7673.  e-mail Bill Jones.

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