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by Bill Jones, Ski Instructor
Certified Professional Ski Instructor (Registration #110478), Level III
How To Reserve a Private Ski Lesson with Bill Jones

Personal information you choose to share will only be used by Bill so that any contacts with you are the most useful to you. Should you book a private lesson with Bill, for instance, this information will help in planning the best experience for you. None of the information will be shared with others.

This site is not secure, so avoid including sensitive identity data. Send an e-mail to Bill Jones to share anything you wish about your skiing;  As a subject, use "Skier Profile for (your name)". Consider indicating separately for each person in your party as much of the following types of information that you feel is pertinent:

Your Personal Data

  • name
  • age
  • gender
  • other active sports (especially mention  any ice skating, in-line skating, cross-country skiing, water skiing, gymnastics, ballet, dance, soccer, other activities using the feet and legs in varied ways for balance)
  • special conditions (factors of anatomy, medical matters, handicaps, physical conditioning, fear/assertive level)
  • photo

Your Skiing Background

  • skiing ability (starter, beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert, racer or by level 1-9)
  • slopes skied (learning, green, blue, black, bumps, powder, ice and/or by grade green/blue/black) and at what ski areas
  • skiing experience (days skied, areas or slopes skied, years since skied)
  • ski lessons taken and at which ski area(s) and on what slopes by name or slope grades (green/blue/black) and from which instructors if known
  • times when skied with Bill Jones, if any
  • Equipment you use (skis, boots, poles)
  • video of your skiing if available
  • skiing books read, skiing videos and apps watched

Your Skiing Goals Now

  • terrain and texture goals (turn type, terrain, snow type)
  • fun/functional goals (have fun, learn skills, have control, go fast/go slow, run gates, look good, equipment recommendations, see video of self, etc.)
  • social goals (keep up with girl friend/boy friend, husband, wife, kids, win race, impress clients, etc.)
  • ski area preferred

Your Contact Info

If you include contact info, also give permission for Bill Jones to use it and indicate your preferred means of contact--or deny permission for some or all means. Your information will not be shared with other individuals or businesses.

  • full name
  • mail address (Bill may send you occasional information mailings)
  • e-mail address (Bill may send you occasional information mailings)
  • phones--indicate residence, work, cell (Bill will not usually make phone contacts)
  • contact info at resort--phone, lodging unit and room number, and town where stayingDescription: Description: Description: Description: Description: billkey

Anything Else Pertinent

Thanks for considering inclusion in my data base of SkiMyBest Skiers,

                                                            Bill Jones

William R. Jones
637 Blue Ridge Road, Silverthorne, CO 80498
 e-mail Bill Jones
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