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by Bill Jones, Ski Instructor
Certified Professional Ski Instructor (Registration #110478), Level III)
How To Reserve a Private Ski Lesson with Bill Jones
otto: "more skiing fun through efficiency from function and versatility"

from Professional Ski Instructors of America trainers

12/03-12/04/2019 Alpine Fall Workshop Winter Park
2018 Alpine Fall Workshop Winter Park
11/28-11/29/2017 Alpine Fall Workshop Winrter Park
11/29-30/2016 Alpine Fall Workshop Winter Park
12/01-02/2015 Alpine Fall Workshop Winter Park
12/02-03/2014 Alpine Fall Workshop Winter Park
12/06-07/2010 Alpine Fall Workshop Winter Park
12/01-02/2009 Alpine Fall Workshop
12/02-03/2008 Alpine Fall Workshop
12/03-04/2007 Alpine Fall Workshop
12/04-05/2006 Alpine Fall Workshop
12/05-06/2005 Alpine Fall Workshop
11/29-30/2005 Tele Rendezvous
12/06-07/2004 Alpine Fall Workshop Winter Park
11/30-31/2004  Learn to Tele Breck
01/07-09/2004 Alpine Rocky Mountain Academy Steamboat
12/08-09/2003 Alpine Fall Workshop Winter Park
12/02-03/2003 Nordic Learn to Telemark Breck
12/09-10/2002 Alpine Fall Workshop Winter Park
01/10-11/2002 Coaching Beginning Bumps Vail
01/02-03/2001 Alpine Powder Experience Steamboat
12/05-06/2000 Alpine Fall Workshop Winter Park
01/19-21/2000 Alpine RM Academy/Winter Park
12/02-03/1999 Alpine Fall Workshop/Winter Park
01/20-22/1999 Alpine RM Academy/Copper Mt
01/12-14/1998 Alpine Rocky Mt Academy/Copper Mt
12/02-03/1997 Alpine Fall Workshop
04/16-17/1997 Alpine Cert III/Vail
04/13/1997       Alpine Skiing III/Breck Bash
04/12/1997       Alpine Teach-Tech III/Breck Bash
03/06/1997       Alp Skiing Cert III/Cppper Mt
03/07/1997       Alp Teach-Tec Cert III/Copper Mt
02/26/1997       Alpine Exam Tactics III/Beaver Creek
01/23-24/1997 Alpine Bumps/Winter Park
01/13-14/1997 Alpine Mt Challenge/Copper Mt
12/13/1996      Alpine Skiing III/Aspen Mountain
12/12/1996      Alpine Teaching-Technical III/Aspen Mt
12/04-06/1996 Alpine Mini Academy/Breckenridge
04/16-17/1996 Alpine Exam Level III at Vail
03/07-08/1996 Alpine Teacher Prep III at Beaver Creek
02/15/1996      Alpine Exam Tactics III/Breckenridge
01/25-26/1996 Alpine Bumps Clinic at Winter Park
12/12-13/1995 Alpine Teacher Prep III at Copper Mountain
12/04-06/1995 Alpine Mini Academy at Breckenridge
04/08-09/1995 Alpine Ski Improvement 2 Day
01/26-27/1995 Alpine Bumps
01/06/1995       Alpine Teach Women at Vail
12/12-14/1994 Alpine Mini Academy
12/08-09/1994 Alpine Teacher Prep III
03/03-04/1994 Alpine Teacher Prep III
04/15-16/1993 Alpine Cert II Exam at Vail
03/04-05/1993 Alpine Teacher Prep II Clinic at Copper Mountain
01/07-08/1993 Alpine Teacher Prep II Clinic at Vail
                        Alpine Cert I Exam at Vail
1991                Joined PSIA 


Current Season Clinics from Vail Resorts ski areas

Fundamentals of Skiing by Robyn Barnes, PSIA Demonstration Team--04/02/2017
Movement Mechanics--Knees 03/19/2017
Movement Mechanics--Foot 03/18/2017
Movement Mechanics--Pelvis 03/17/2017
Movement Mechanics--02/18/17
Ron LeMaster Lecture--02/11/2017
Magnitude of Pressure--12/7/2016
Balance on the Outside Ski--12/06/2016
Balance--the Length of the Ski--12/05/2016
Ski Fundamentals--12/04/2016
Ski Teaching Progressions--12/14/2016
Turn the Legs--12/02/2016
Tipping the Skis--12/01/2016
Community in Learning 11/04-11/05/2016
Early Indoor Sessions--11/03 and 11/10/2016

Past Seasons Clinics from Vail Resorts ski areas

Fundamentals of balance along the ski 12/18/2015
Ski Camp Blue Zone 12/17/2015
Ski with Jay Evans 12/16/2015
Return Instructor Training Broomfield 11/14/2015
Welcome Back Broomfield 11/14/2015
Key Summit County Early Indoor Sessions 10/29/2015
Alpine Black Bump Bonanza 2/3/2015
Ron LeMaster's Magic 1/10/2015  
Brush up your Alpine Skills 1/9/2015
Alp L 3/Lower Leg Activation 1/8/2015
Ski Camp - Blue Terrain 12/19/2014
On Snow Alpine Skills 12/14/2014  
Terrain-Based Wheels & Gears 12/9/2014
Return Instructor Training 11/14/2014
Welcome Back Broomfield 11/8/2014
Welcome Back Keystone 10/26/2013
Return Instructor Training 10/26/2013
Alp Ski Improvement 1/16/2013
Alp Stressless Skiing Part 1 (of 3) 1/14/2013  
Ron Lemaster Presentation-How skis turn 1/13/2013
Race Fundamentals 1/13/2013
Alpine Ski Improvement 1/10/2013     
Perfecting the Beginner Lesson 12/17/2012     
Return Instructor Training 11/16/2012     
Welcome Back - Keystone 10/27/2012     
Welcome Back - Keystone 12/10/2011
Jibbin for Geriatrics / aka FS FOR 50+ 2/23/2010
How to get more "Returns & Requests" 2/11/2010
Alpine BL6 - Adults 1/12/2010.
Collision and Entanglement 11/30/2009
Safety quiz 11/28/2009     
Returning staff orientation 11/7/2009  
Safety Quiz 3/9/2009
Teaching Assessment 1/19/2009
Safety Initiatives 12/14/2008
Welcome Back Orientation 12/12/2008   
Women Centered Teaching / Ski 1/28/2008    
Health&Wellness: Care/Feeding Snowpros 1/16/2008   
Intermediate Zone / Ski - Adults 1/12/2008     
Feedback: the Breakfast of Champions 1/4/2008     

and many more clinics from Arapahoe Basin, Copper Mountain, Badger Pass, and other ski schools in prior years.

Phone Bill at home: 970/468-7673 (has answering machine)
or e-mail Bill Jones
or send a letter: Bill Jones, 637 Blue Ridge Road, Silverthorne, CO 80498.

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