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by Bill Jones, Ski Instructor
Certified Professional Ski Instructor (Registration #110478), Level III
How To Reserve Private Ski Lessons with Bill Jones

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Map of Mountain House, Keystone


From Silverthorne or Dillon, follow east on Hwy 6 for about 6 miles to a stop light where you may turn right to the pay Mountain House parking lot. Alternatively, to go to free lots, continue on Hwy 6 past Keystone Lodge, to East Keystone Road. There turn right and follow signs to Mountain House free lots..

From either parking lot, walk to the Keystone Ski School building near the center of the Mountain House Village. (Rest rooms and drinking fountains are in the Mounain House building but neither is handy to the on-snow learniing area). Inside the ski school building find the Keystone adult ski school desk to do your paperwork. There is also a ski rental shop adjacent to this building and there may be a place to put on ski boots and lockers to leave shoes, etc. if you wish.

Ski school staff will indicate where the private lesson ski school meeting place is. I will be there (in a blue uniform) to meet you unless I find you sooner in the building. Once together, we will walk to the Discovery learning area where you will learn about your equipment, how to walk on skis, climb short distances, slide, stop, and possibly turn. Later in the session a moving carpet may be used to carry us up the slope we will ski down.

If we should accomplish the above there is a chair lift to attempt more-sloping terrain. If a full-day lesson, we should stop for a lunch break (and others as needed) to preserve energy as there is a lot expended in the early stages of learning to ski.  (The cost of lunch is not included in the lesson price; reservations may be required.)

Most folks on the first day do not develop the skills to get beyond the learning area chairlift (if they get to it), for the next stage is to ride another chair called Peru to descend a portion of the steeper Schoolmarm ski run back to the Mountain House. Because this is a run of a few miles, it is unwise to start down it without efficient technique and especially at the latter part of the day when folks can be tired and skier traffic heavy. It is usually more productive to continue practicing on the initial learning aea terrain for at least the rest of the first day and perhaps the next..

There are some environmental factors to consider. The weather could range from too hot to too cold, so dressing in layers with clothing that has zippers and vents helps. Sunglasses are needed if a bright day, goggles if cold or snowing. A gaiter for the neck is useful when cold. Gloves or mittens are necessary even if warm (to reduce injury chance if a fall). It is difficult to predict weather higher on the mountain when at the bottom, should you get there, and the weather can change anyway, so it is best to have options with you. Hats with ear coverings are wise. Children in childrens' or private llessons are required to wear helmets when in lessons (these are available at Keystone rental shops), and the same is recommended for adults. Finally, altitude effects can occur in people, for the lift base is at 9,300 feet whereas the mountain top is at 11,640 feet; getting adequate rest before a ski day and staying hydrated and nourished are said to help reduce altitude effects and sunscreen is always needed on exposed areas of skin.

These logistics are not the fun part of the day, but if we manage them, the day will be more fun.Keystone Mountain House aerial

Above Map: Mountain House area, Keystone
showing access roads off Highway 6 to paid parking lot at west (above upper letters Moun) and 2 free parking lots at right (above letters Lodge).

Below Map: Mountain House detail, Keystone
Pay parking is west (left) of building A; 2 free parking lots are east (right) of Building B
Ski school office and ski rentals are in building A. "Keystone Sports, Mountain House"
Rest rooms, cafeteria are in Building B, "Mountain House Lodge"
Discovery learning area is below words"Keystone Sports--Mountain House"
Peru chairlift to upper slopes is below Building B

Images from Google Earth

Keystone Mountain House showing parking, learning areas

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