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Bill Jones' family album

by Bill Jones, Ski Instructor
Certified Professional Ski Instructor (Registration #110478), Level III)
How To Reserve a Private Ski Lesson with Bill Jones
motto: "more skiing fun through efficiency from function and versatility"

Bill's Kids

Russell Jones--retired professional ski racer. Finished 17th overall on Pro Circuit best year.      



Russell winning a downhill race. Is he having fun?

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Debra Plant--ex-junior racer, former ski instructor, former ski mom, here in the High Sierra of California

  Debra at home March 2023


Katy Jones.
3rd place, junior varsity girls, 5 kilometer cross-country skating
California State Championships, 2002. Competitor in national Junior Olympics, 2005.

                      biathlon training   

                                                        1st place, junior varsity girls, California/Nevada states championships, 2004

   Katy Jones, 2005 National Junior Olympics

Meredith Plant. Alumnus of Sugar Bowl race team.  Former competitor in western section Junior Olympics, 2005. Once on the Auburn, California, high school ski race team. Also triathlete and competive swimmer. In 2012, on University of California--Davis ski team.

    slalom      giant slalom

Meredith at age 14, 2nd place in California/Nevada High School League, 2006

Meredith at age 16, in line for California State champion 2007 with wins in giant slalom and slalom. Raced for University of California--Davis.






Riley Plant, age 6--with 1st place medal;
 best of 40. On the Sugar Bowl Race Team.
Also triathlete (best in U.S. in age group) and competition swimmer.      

  giant slalom    Riley at age 8--note angle at waist, arms out, eyes up
                                                                                                                     inside leg up, outside (downhill) leg with bend at knee              

   Riley knows racing isn't the only kind of fun!

                      Riley at age9





 Riley at age 10, winning J5 Far West Championships March 2006









 Riley leading the athletes selected at Mammoth for national championships, with team sign bearer on shoulders.









Riley in April of 2011 was invited to participate with other Far West skiers in a special training program designed to develop participants as candidates for the U.S. Ski Team.

In January of 2012, Riley at 16 was second for his age group in America in giant slalom (his team-mate was 1st) and 40th in the world. He was 20th in America in slalom.

2013-2014: To hone his ski racing skills Riley at 18 is taking a year between high school and joining the ski team at Middlebury College (Vermont) . For his birth year he is currently 59th in the world in giant slalom and 300th in slalom. For his birth year in America he ranks 5th in giant slalom and 25th in slalom. He spent summer 2013 working on a construction site rather than training in the southern hemisphere as did so many other racers, so his results may shoot even further ahead now that he is actively skiing. He is now on the Far West Ski Team and so is finally getting some expenses paid and equipment provided

Another win for Riley at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon, April 11/2014.










Riley, March 2015: on the Middlebury College ski team, selected for the National Collegiate Ski Association national championships. Also raced for Middlebury at NCAA in 2016 at Steamboat Springs. In the giant slalom race were the 34 best college ski racers in America (actually most were recruited from Europe). He finished the two runs in the race and was best of those in the under 21 year class (most of the racers were seniors), best of his Middlebury College team, and 14th best overall in America.



  Riley skiing in the National Collegiate Athletic Association races

April 2016: Riley is now ranked for his age group (21 years) 3rd nationally in giant slalom and 29th in the world. Riley is 5th of all ages in the USA in slalom, 46th in the world.



Riley at Stratton Mountain, Vermont, 2015, winning run:


Riley at Whiteface, Lake Placid, NY 2015:









September, 2016: Riley is now ranked 3rd best  American ski racer in his age group in giant slalom (25th of all ages) and 29th best in the world in his age group. For slalom he is ranked 6th in the U.S. for his age group (37th of all ages) and 48th in the world for his age group:

  FIS points 1995 birth year USA all ages USA 1995 birth year world all ages world
Riley slalom 29.16 6 37 48 383
Ted Ligety slalom 18.80   12    
Bodie Miller slalom 26.08   29    
Riley giant slalom 22.66 3 25 29 275
Ted Ligety giant slalom 3.40   1   6
Bodie Miller giant slalom 10.68   7   69


Graeme Plant, Meredith's and Riley's father, Bill's son-in-law, heli-skiing in British Columbia.






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