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KEYSTONE SKI AREA mountain cams (cams updated every 5 minutes from 6 a.m. to 3:55 p.m.--update with your browser refresh arrow):


Keystone's North Peak
 from top of Mozart run at Summit House atop Dercum Mountain


Kidtopia Snowfort
 at top of Dercum Mountain near Summit House





Current and 10-day weather at Keystone: exits--there enter Keystone, CO or 80435 zip code. (When checking Keystone weather, use local weather, not that from the Denver area, for the continental divide is between Keystone and Denver and often causes vastly different conditions between the places. Denver is east of the Rocky Mountains on the Great Plains at 5280 feet altitude; Keystone is across the continental divide on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains at about 9200 feet.)

30-day weather forecast: exits--there enter Keystone CO (where chart shows rain, assume snow in winter months)

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